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Monday, February 08, 2010

Oh Shit, I'm Dead in the Water! ...or, 'Whatever Happened To Dick Decent?'

Hi rockers,

You may have wondered WTF has happened to the blog and me posting.
Well... I'm not going to go into detail here, but in short I have been completely and totally F*CKED out of all existence by Ciprofloxacin and Ofloxacin.
If you want to know what it means to be 'Floxed' you can go...

My own Floxing started on Nov.13/09 and didn't finish until Jan.12/10.
I am too ill and in shock to post any more right now, but if you take anything away from this post, let it be an insistence on NOT TAKING ANY FLUOROQUINOLONE ANTIBIOTICS.... EVER... for ANY REASON. Even if your GP sez it's OK... DON'T TAKE THEM.
There are ALWAYS other alternative antibiotics, NONE of which have HORRIFIC side effects that can last more than a DECADE plus.
You can look at which ones to avoid...

The 'ADR', or 'chemo-toxicity' [or POISONING as we normal folks would call it] has been moderate to severe in my case, and I have a full range of associated problems. The closest thing to describing it would be a nerve gas type deal, i.e. you get full body/organ wide effects from this stuff, which is in fact a chemotherapeutic TOXIN operating at the DNA/molecular and cellular level.
There is no known cure... or even treatment.
The effects can worsen and progress over time.
It is not uncommon for symptoms to last TEN YEARS PLUS.
There are no support groups or even a website for the U.K.
The NHS is barely aware of the 'Flox' problem despite Cipro being a 'first line antibiotic' in the UK, frequently given to YOUNG CHILDREN.
[watch your own kids!]
The local hospital [of whom I was a guest on Xmas day ffs] has had three attempts at diagnosing me... they failed.
I think the tendonitis is moving into my hands.

Even my GP [who is actually a good guy] is having real problems grasping what has happened to me. BAYER and the money are trying very hard [and succeeding] at keeping the medical profession itself as in the dark as Joe Public, whilst distributors like J&J are busily greasing palms to push sales of these poisons before they have to withdraw them from use. [As they have had to with half of them already]

If you really have the balls, and want to see what this shit does to people, you can look HERE but only those with a stout heart should go, and even then I don't recommend it.

Stay healthy and happy and please count your blessings.


bye until further notice
the ex freak


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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Not Right Now... I'm Too Busy

Hey rockers, and all you rollers too...

I can't come to the blog right now, but please leave a message after the tone, and I'll add you to my list of increasion...

Donnington/Download Encore '09

You can also click here for Ginger snaps etc.
love and peas...

the freak xx

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Monday, March 30, 2009

More dates with Ginger

Hey all you phishermen...
all you surfers and sailors.

The Ginger solo tour in May has had the following new dates announced;

MAY 2009 additional dates:

9th, The Railway, Winchester
13th, Glasgow, Ivory Blacks
14th, Belfast, Spring & Airbrake

A full list now appears on the news page of our home site...
Or you can just add this and the previous post together yourself.

stay frosty,

the freak xx

Monday, March 16, 2009

Update My Ginger Leppard Wouldya...


So I was just trawling around and found some evidence of organisation, and subsequently a wilful urge to share some hard information.


Fri 1st May Newport, TJ's
Sat 2nd May York, Fibbers
Sun 3rd May Dudley, JB's
Mon 4th May Manchester, Ruby Lounge
Tue 5th May Sheffield, Corporation
Wed 6th May Nottingham, Seven
Thur 7th May London, O2 Academy
Sun 10th May Leeds, Rio's
Mon 11th May Newcastle, Academy

I ain't got time to make 'em all active links... so you'll jus hav 2 google the venues yourselves.



Fri 12th June 2009 Dublin O2
Sun 14th June 2009 The Download Festival

I. E. the venue in Dublin isn't "like the O2 of Dublin..." it IS The O2 Arena, Dublin.

stay frosty

the freak xx

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Ginger Leppard

Hey rollers,

I have confirmed some dates... [ish]

I am now DEFFO out on a small UK Tour during the first two weeks of MAY this year with GINGER.
[see previous posts]

I don't have venue details as yet, or know what the band will be billed as, or know exactly how many gigs there are, or on which exact dates!

I DO know that the line up will be Ginger, Big Jase, Denzil, and Eddie Eyeball, [along with yours truly] and I have seen a tentative set-list, which has me singing a lead vox or two, and features some GREAT songs from the Gee man and the Wildhearts both.
Much fun and unnecessary segue-ing is anticipated by all. We are busy learning parts, and will pull it all together in a couple of days rehearsal nearer the gigs.


Joe Elliott and Co. have been back in touch, and further to my studio stuff on the new album last year, I am gonna do the guest number, and play "Love and Hate" LIVE with LEPPARD on a couple of dates in June.

The first is the new arena in Dublin. [I haven't been yet but J.E. sez it's proper smart, and "like an Irish O2"] There's a couple of thousand seated just in the balcony apparently, so It sounds quite plush.
The second, a few days later is what used to be called simply 'Donnington' when I were a lad... It's called The Download Festival now of course.
[which I've never done either, so that will be nice!]

Good ol' Lepps. I luvvem. Brothers to a man and PROPER old school talented.

I promise to post the actual dates and venues when I have them.

Stay healthy and happy till then if you can.

the freak xx

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Thursday, March 05, 2009

A Précis of Discombobulationary Stature

Hey rockers,

Just wanted to put in an appearance and update a few things.

We have been furiously recording and compiling for the forthcoming Decent Pie album. Unfortunately manifold snags and gremlins have decided to rear their uglies, including a hard-drive meltdown on our main machine. We are not sure at this time how much of a delay and how much this is going to cost us. The damage is still being assessed.

Teaching commitments [both for me and the Pie] have been proving a necessary evil, and have added to the system clog. These will ease after next month, and we are still hoping to have something finished in our hands before the end of the year.

There is a new screenplay [the third one now..! and I think it's gonna be the best thing we've ever done] in the offing, along with a veritable plethora of new tracks and other music.

There are posts coming shortly on Mike Keneally, and also Boudewijn Zwaart whom we hope to have contributing to the work.

Other News...
People trying to find me playing on the new Leppard album should be aware that the piano version of "Love" was released as a bonus track on the Japan version, and can only be obtained on import. [Or check the Lepps fan/forum sites for further ideas on that]
I have just confirmed a couple of days ago that I will be going on the road in early May this year, for a short tour with my old mate Ginger I Don't have any exact dates or venues yet, but promise to post 'em on here as soon as. At the mo' it looks like being The first 2 weeks of May 2009, and medium sized club venues in the UK - you know the ones.

There have been some pyhsical and mental health problems... like The Pie's knee going west, and me going slowly insane... [not to mention Harry B knockin another tooth outta my crust!] ... but fook it! I wanna stay off the brain medication (at least the pharmaceutical kind) until I'm 50 or die, whichever comes first.

What an exciting life we lead.

Stay healthy and happy if u can, and watch this space...

the freak xx

Friday, October 31, 2008

The Fabulous E Numbers ...and other Stuff

Hey rockers...

Just to let the hardcore know, there is an official 'E Numbers' Gig taking place THIS SUNDAY at The Roadhouse. I'll list and link below.
There is also a 'Boxing Night' gig in, at the same venue... [well it is our local dive]

I have a couple of Facez gigs too, so I'll stick 'em on the list in case you can be arsed.

If Joe [Butchart] gets to read this, drop me an e-mail Joe!! Your old e-addy is dead m8!

dp Albums in the Pipe

We ARE recording;
Most [if not all] of the basic [REAL] drum tracks are down for the first of a Four or Five album suite of stuff that we are finally in a position to record. ['properly'] Thanks to Jimmy 'Danger' Simpson and a small forest of sticks.

Many beautiful soundscapes are finally within our grasp. Aside from the concert Bluthner I'm trying out here below, there are REAL strings, a REAL choir, and some sublime beauty from the archives.

There is a 'Maniac' album to come second, and a 'Pie Band' album thirdly to come thenceforth. And talking of fourth, we think there will be an intermediate 'experimental' type album, [compiled from all the tracks we can't fit anywhere else, and some new stuff] to come in that position. Which would make the fifth album, the Soundtrack to The Stars Dance Bright
For yea and verily the spirits are mighty high, even if the coffers are WAY low.

Go to our MySpace Page for sample demo's on the juke box of 'Stars' and other stuff, plus a new vid posted of Bou playing another of our in-grasp pet sounds... The Bournville Carillon.


The Fabulous E Numbers:
Sunday 2nd November @ The Roadhouse
Friday 26th December "Boxing Night Bash" @ The Roadhouse

The Facez
Thursday 27th November in Bedfordshire somewhere...!!
[I'll update this post when I get details, or contact me on our Homesite if you're desperate]

Friday 12th December @ Nailcote Hall
Book now!


more 2 come on Mike K. and Bou Z. before crimbo

stay frosty

the freak

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Friday, October 03, 2008

Allan, Ernest and Chad... We Love You In The World

It's been a god long time since I've been inspired enough, and/or had the time to post but ffs!
Tuesday night the Saft Tay Shirt Co. had a works bash down at the Robin. We went to see Allan Holdsworth's trio play, and the night started out great and just got better from there. Davey [The Pie] wasn't gonna be
able to get there thru teaching commitments, but then at last, he decided to drive down. The place was comfortably empty enough to get a brilliant position [seated right Yin front of big Al] and so Nige-Piece, Rhine and the Decent one commenced to drink and be merry havin a right laff waitin for the big moment.

No sooner had we raged into the third round when Sid and Leroy [of the old 'shap'] appeared. Having not seen the boys for about a yonk [approx. 8 years] this was hearty news, and more alcohol and THC was thence imbibed.
Could it get any better...? Well... frankly, yes... MUCH better.
You see then Allan, Ernest and Chad walked on...

I can't really describe the gig, words just wouldn't be anywhere near. I can only say that on a personal level, I had forgotten what kind of thrill and fulfilment one set of music could provide. The commitment and artistry was beyond compare from Mr. Holdsworth, and Ernest and Chad were more than worthy allies.
Suffice it to say, some greatness ensued.

Yet Further Excitement

Then, sprinkling some fairy dust on the bastard, Allan was man enough to venture forth into the Robin bar [Robin bar stewards!] in search of ale, and we basically ended up chattin, smokin' with, and eventually as these things go, hugging and bonding with one of the greatest genius' of the guitar to ever walk the earth. The guy was so open and friendly, and charitable with his time, it was a pleasure to share it with him.
We talked a lot about Gary Husband. His amazing interpretations of Holdsworth AND McLaughlin, are something we had in common, and they are truly inspired and matchless things when all's weighed. Allan was quick to genuinely and tenderly effuse about Gary on all levels, not just the musical, but the music's there... and BOY is it there!
Although Gary is of course in the unique position of having played [a LOT] with both these amazing people, the sheer audacity of an attempt on raw-real-live piano still makes me smile inside. Until you hear the albums, then you understand.
We talked, we drank, we smoked, we laughed, we reminisced, we celebrated absent friends.
When I think about all The Things I See, it truly was A Meeting Of Spirits.

Sleepin' Stan

Course it was rightly The Pieman that ended up in the best photo's, [mostly while I took 'em] but the close up below of Al's nose, actually does picture the THREE of us having a group hug! [a bit of my crust is in the middle]

This post would be unfinished however, if I didn't mention Stan, or 'Sleeping Stanley' as he was to become known.
The gig had finished when I noticed a guy, a few rows across from us SOUND ASLEEP in his chair. I had just witnessed one of the greatest live music experiences of my entire life, and this guy was actually ASLEEP!
Later, after the gang had spent time enloying a wonderful, fruitful, three-fag discussion outside the venue with Allan, and just after he'd fooked off in search of beer, and we were leaving for the car, Stan appeared.
He'd missed all the action ...AGAIN!
He was tired. He kept going on about Jimmy Johnson [the wrong bass player] and so we knew for sure that he'd fallen asleep BEFORE the gig even started!
We gave him some T.L.C. and a lift to Dudley Bus Station. We arrived about 20mins. after the last 'bus had gone, and the trains had stopped too, [England... ffs!] so we took him to the cab rank.
All the way Stanley and Pieman had been amazing each other with gigs/artists they had seen playing live, and at what age. We were raucous and alive the four of us, and The Piece and I sat in the front laughing litening to Stan and Dave screaming,
"aahhhhhhhhhhhhh! ; -but wot abaaht this one then ay?.... Carlos Santana -when I was 12 -in The outer Hebrides ..."
or some such thing.
I kept telling him to remember 'decent pie' so he could look us up and mail us, but I knew he'd never remember, not in a Mr. Berwell lifetime.

Oh sleeping Stan, wherefore art thou?

...and thank you Mr. Holdsworth, thank you very much inDEED.

more coming...
Keneally exclusive, and E no.'s dates...

Stay frosty

the freak xx

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

In Between Here's My Discography

Hello rockers,

Someone was asking me the other day about my recording history...
I'm not very good at keeping records/copies of stuff I've worked on.
There's a lot been forgot, and many things I played on and never heard after the session.

Still I have been persuaded to list what I can remember so:

My Discography

Some mists of time/scary early stuff here first...
(Energee/Showaddy-Waddy [really!]/Alvin Stardust [honest!]/Natasha
June De Cruze/The Easter Island Heads/Sally Hope/Linzi Morgan
Simon Morgan... Hi Si xx
Studio 'C' Project/Shanxy... Hi Kate xx
Gez Woodroffe/Robbie Blunt/Mick Abrahams/Clive Bunker....
and on and on with many others far too humorous to mention)

Stable Sessions/NCP
No Commercial Potential LIVE /NCP
Tattooed Monkeys/DecentPie
Sucked Into The Tusk/DecentPie
The Cybernauts LIVE/The Cybernauts
Tattoos and Alibis/Ricky Warwick
'The Nine'/Decent Pie Project
World Of Filth/Howlin' Willie C*nt [Ginger]
Love many, Trust Few/Ricky Warwick
Closer Now/Decent Pie Project
The Wildhearts/The Wildhearts
Live on iTunes/Def Leppard
'Repertoire' The Maniac Live/Soapstone Maniac
The Stars Dance Bright Soundtrack Album/Decent Pie Products
Market Harbour/Ginger
Songs From The Sparkle Lounge/Def Leppard

Most 'outside sessions' comprise Keys and Vox, [usually backing/harmony vox, tho' I get some Lead vox on "Harbour"]
I have had more freedom under Joe Elliott's executive production and been allowed the freedom to be myself on the tracks, same with Ginger really, adding ideas to the form and playing other stuff like percussion and brass.

Any stuff that didn't get a standard commercial release
is available from Decent Pie

I realize this list is crap on detail and no good for the real info hounds but it's all I got right now. I may edit year/label info in as we go... or make the list into active links if I get the time, and don't lose the will to live.

Otherwise you can always e-mail me from the homesite for specifics

second half of 'Crepuscular' coming soon

stay frosty

the freak xxx

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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Crepuscular Joy Creeps In With The Spring

Well what can I say?

Some decidedly non-awful things have been happening around here to offset the ambience somewhat!

It all started when I went to see Ginger at The [aforementioned] Marrs bar gig. I took some percussion, but it didn't work out like that. Infact ginger was nowhere to be called/texted, and for one dreadful moment it looked like I was gonna have to PAY to PLAY! [Normally of course, I'd revel in that and have it large anyway... but if you could see my bank balance... well, you know what it's like... it's good for my cred to be a fucking pauper] Anyhoo as luck would have it, once I'd found a parking spot and smoked a cheroot before entering, big Jase turned up! What a welcome sight that big bear made I can tell ya...

In no time he had disappeared into the venue on a mission, and barely a moment later Chris [Catalyst] turned up like a forgotten lump of Manali in my ticket pocket, and whisked me in. Notwithstanding his stuff with The Sisters of Mercy, ANTIPRODUCT or his alter-comic-ego Robochrist, it turned out the evening was to be augmented with a thrash or two from his newbie writing/live vehicle-thing, EUREKA MACHINES I have given a link to their MySpace page 'cos they were just too wonderful to describe, U gotta hear'em.
Chris was full of 'flu but it didn't matter, him and Davros ploughed into the crowd and carried it off like the stars they are. When they did Witchita Lineman... [yes I thought it was gonna be the Ginger version off the Howlin' Willy album, but it wasn't] ...both of 'em just with their voices and an electro-acoustic each, it sounded like the best song ever written.

When Ginger and Scott came on later Chris stayed up there to support and play the odd bass line and sing despite the 'flu... and he was still there after the master frontman had played non-stop for 80 mins segueing effortlessly between songs from Wild Hearts past, songs from Yoni and Valor, and even songs from the brand new solo album of Ginger's Market Harbour (previous link also)

'Course I knew I'd done quite a bit on that album, as luck would have it, some of the sessions had taken place in Brum, [at The Custard Factory] so happily for me and naturally for the big man, he gave me a call... and I managed to get a couple of days free and... well, I have ended up all over it like a rash basically!

I've been lucky enough to have that... "ooohh I'm on that album, and I liked what I was doing, but it was so long ago, and I couldn't have roughs, so I've got no idea what I did, or what else has been added, or any real recollection of any of the tunes even, -so, I wonder what it's gonna sound like" ...rush, quite a number of times in my life before, [being the old bastard that I now am] but I don't think I've ever been quite so pleasantly surprised.

There are just a LOT of great moments on that recording, I'm not gonna try to describe the thing, except perhaps to mention that the format is my favourite one... 21 tracks no gaps, but when you get given a couple of LEAD vocals by a singer/frontguy/giant like Ginger, on his own Solo Album, well... you hope you're gonna sound quite good...

Finally getting hold of a copy, [they were on sale at the venue] I didn't have chance to play it for a couple of days, but when I first did it was in a reflective mood, and make no mistakes, fantastic Uber rockers that The Wildhearts are, Ginger's solo stuff is a bitch! The lyric, the emotion, the 'real-ness' of the material could only be achieved by someone that's taken quite a few good looks over the edge, and decided to stick it out and try to make art instead of jumping headlong in. Maybe that's why It appeals to me I dunno... of course there's always Cardiacs legend Tim Smith to be factored in, and let me tell you people, we're talkin' about an immeasurable factor...
It's not like it's all Tim or he's all over it, or he makes or breaks it or any of that crap, it's just that when he does make a contribution in this sort of context, his musical brain [which is at least the size of China] and pedigree just shines on out at you, or it does to me anyway. Like an ice pick in the forehead, and yet also in a manner, it has to be said, that is not unreminiscent of a crazy diamond.

When I first heard the far-too-incredibly beautiful little bagatelle that serves as a link out of 'House Of Moths' into 'How Hard' I literally had to stop the car and pull over and replay it a few dozen times just to check my ears weren't making things up... but no, it really does sound like that. The character and quality inherent in that perfect miniature had moved me... in that way that one can never really describe in words, only feel, you know?... right down there... you know what I mean... there.

When you hear something like that, you can only feel privileged and lucky to be the guy providing the wall of backing vocals that are disappearing in the cross-fade as it begins, so thank you Ginger... and Thank You Tim, [that's Mr. Smith to me] thank you very much in-DEED.

Stay tuned for Part Two

the freak xxx

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Some Gigs Including The E's!

Hi y'all
Temp Page for TSDB is here

Some gigs:

Ginger is doing a 3 piece gig on Sat March 1st at The Marrs Bar it's in Worcester UK.
It's just Ging, Jase and Random Jon.
Rumour of the strongest kind has it that Dick Decent may accompany them on some percussion and ancillary vocals, without the aid of a rehearsal, or indeed safety net. A pint or nine may be drunken, combustible the skunken.

The Fabulous E Numbers are doing a couple, one on home soil, the other firmly behind enemy lines. My missing cowden goes to prove that!

Fri March 7th @ THE ROADHOUSE
Sat March 8th @ The Flower Pot

[Roadhouse is still on tho']

and ...
The Facez are doing an out of towner here in case you're up around Leeds UK on the 12th March.

News of the Lep gigs and a dedicated TSDB page as and when.

Fantastic to be doing a couple of E Numbers gigs after our completely mind-blowing Xmas eve performance in 2007... waheeeyyyy!

Keep yer powder dry, see ya down the Roadhouse!

the freak xxx


Monday, February 11, 2008

Sorry... but Here's a message :o)

Hello all and everybody-peeps
some news;

1. Sara is well on the mend and taking up her regular duties gradually.
This gives me two minutes to write a post here.

2. I wanna forget 2007 as quickly as possible...
here goes....
Well that's that out of the way!

3. We [The Maniac] have come back off the road for obvious reasons.. but during all the trials and trepidations, the Pie and myself managed to write a modern Opera!

It's called 'The Stars Dance Bright' and we are VERY excited about the tunes and screenplay.

There is now a decent pie MySpace page where U can hear a cpl of the tunes from TSDB and some other stuff... to go there click here

Hopefully soon I will be able to direct you to a dedicated URL for TSDB.
I'll post it as soon as I have it.

Been working with Ging [Wildhearts] again... [mmmnnn lovely biscuits]
And just done some keys/piano/Hammond on a new DefLep single...
may be touring with them on the UK leg to play a tune or two... but not confirmed.
[depends on their setlist more than anything]

Will post more about this and other fascinating facts as and when I know myself.

Keep the faith

We Love You In The World

the freak xxx

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Now I Really Know What It Feels Like

OK everyone... hope you didn't miss me too much

Those who know me personally will be aware that I have had the scare of my life over this summer break.
My beautiful wife almost died due to complications from ... of all things Chicken Pox.
She was critical for 10 days, and at one point was given a 30-40 % chance of survival.

I make no apology for not having posted until now, it has taken this long to get over the trauma, and be able to speak/write about this.

I am happy to report that my beloved Sara is now over the worst and on her way to a, hopefully full recovery.
We are going on a short vacation to help her convalesce.

One of my oldest band member friends, of over twenty years standing, and an incredibly talented guy was buried this week also, having finally succumbed to lukaemia. Andy J you and your massive talent will be sadly missed mate.

I hope I never see another summer like this one, and would like to wish you all health and happiness until I return at the end of the month with the latest news and gig lists.

I will try to find the strength and spirit to write more about these and other experiences then...

For now I'll leave you with a paraphrased quote from Robert DeNiro;

When asked 'Do you believe in God' he replied...
No... but if I die and he's real, he's gonna have a fuck of a lot of explaining to do.

Thanks Bob... couldn't have put it better myself.

Love and Peace
The Freak xx

Monday, June 04, 2007

Supplemental: Upcoming Gigs

Great news for Maniac fans, the band starts a residency at our home gig
The Roadhouse.
From Tues 24th July onwards, The Maniac will be playing the Third Tuesday in every month right through the summer/autumn/winter.

Please check this blog for further details and, WHOOPEE!!

Soapstone Maniac

Wed 27th June: The Roadhouse, Birmingham.
Tue 24th July: The Roadhouse, Birmingham.
Tue 21st Aug: The Roadhouse, Birmingham.
ETC... :o)


Thurs. 7th June, The Horns, Watford
Thurs. 14th June, The Thorns, Brierley Hill, West Mids
Sat. 23rd June, Bridgnorth Leisure Centre, Bridgnorth, West Mids
Thurs. 2nd August, The Thorns, Brierley Hil, West Mids
Fri. 17th August, The Tackaroo, Hednesford, West mids
Sat 15th Dec. Nailcote Hall, Berkswell, Warwickshire

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Facez Faeces

Sum1 who shall remain nameless wrote me an e-mail asking what was happening with The Facez! As if I hadn't been posting stuff, like the live dates, and other trivia on here. This blog is more to do with Decent Pie and The Maniac than any other extra curricular actvity that The Pieman or myself might be getting ourselves into, but as I had an actual request for info, and I have a couple of stoopid photos to show ya, here goes.

First off I gotta get this offa my chest. We do this gig at 'The Sands' which is a club you've never heard of near Lincoln in a li'l town called Gainsborough.... I gotta show u this picture:
Here we have a FRAMED notice for the artists attention, and below is a picture of 'the rider' in question; that is, two jugs of squash and a bottle of water. This was off the back of being told off rather haughtily by a minion for sitting at 'the wrong table' during soundcheck, and being informed that our free meal [we had driven over 100 miles to get to this gig] was now gonna cost us £3.50 a head. It's these petty little tyrants that keep life on the road so very interesting, dontya think?
After performing rather brilliantly for a smallish crowd who were being grossly overcharged for their tickets, drinks and meals, I asked to speak with the owner of the venue. You may have guessed, me being me, I had one or two issues which I felt obliged to bring to his attention. Well guess what? I couldn't speak to the guy... Why not? He was on vacation in the Caribbean!
Wonder where he gets all his money?
Actually, all wankers apart, I have to say that though I never wanted to play in any sort of tribute band, I thoroughly enjoy doing gigs with The Facez. I basically love the band members, and very much enjoy the pissed up rock 'n' roll ethos that was started by the original bunch of 'guyz that walk into a bar'. We're managing to keep it alive and well at all our shows thank you very much, and whatever happens everyone seems to leave with a big smile on their chops. We even recently played a 'roof concert' in Brum... [see the 'lone drummer' pic... although I think that's actually the bass player] We do definitely have it large on the gigs. The craick is fierce and I've never laffed so much as on a Facez night so, long may they continue!
Here's a pic of Harry decent Jr. [aged 5] Playing an axe in the shop downstairs after the roof gig... Hendrix or wot!
L&P 'the freak' xx

Ginger's Market Harbourer

Very happy indeed to report that further to my vocal gymnastics on the new [and fookin fantastic] Wildhearts album, I was invited over to assist in a Decent stylie, with the making of Ginger's latest solo project, to be titled 'Market Harbour'. [tho' I still think he should go with Harbourer, it's funnier]
The album is to be a companion record to the beautiful 'Yoni' which is currently being re-mastered, so that the pair can go out as a box set. Big Jase [Wolfsbane] was also present [and correct] and so 'the happy trio' found themselves together once again.

For yea and verily these tunes are mighty, and worth more than just the gelt in someone's pockets. They have love, passion and pride, and a dedication sadly missing from most modern popular music.

By the way people still looking for the 'Howlin'Willie' album; World Of Filth mentioned in the previous post 'Other News' from June '06 as 'the happy trio's' first collaborative effort can click the album title for the Amazon page.

"There's dirty work afoot, in fact it's a bit more than a foot!"
L&P 'the freak' xx

Otway Autopsy

Never, never let it be said that John Otway is anything other than a true entertainer, and all around good egg. It was so nice to hear the guy play, and see him do his Theremin/Two handed guitar stuff. Not to mention the old coat hanger mike-holder trick. Singing Rolf Harris' 'Two Little Boys' With an SM58 magically bobbing in front of his mouth like he was Ali Bongo had me completely destroyed, tears flowing.
I hadn't seen John for about a dozen years, not since the days of the old 'Breedon Bar', and it really was a distinct pleasure to watch him perform.
I think it's pretty safe to say that 'The Maniac' had a fantastic time playing a support slot with John. It was nice, as a band still in development, to only have to cover about 45 mins to 1 hour. It meant we could pick and choose stuff from the current repertoire, and not just play everything we know!

This is the aftermath of Jim playing drums on a gig. As you can see there is a small bag full of stick totalities, and enough raw kindling to start a forest fire. The guy is a TOTAL ANIMAL. Some say it has to do with when he played with U.F.O. but I happen to know he was just as dangerous in his own right before he ever got to play with that bunch of ROCKERS... Jimi, hurry up and buy your new kit FFS!, you doing the gigs on my little Pearl is making me SCARED!
Is it safe to say we all had a fantastic night of music, mayhem and madness? You're goddamn right we did! Those that were there will not forget in a hurry! Rico Ajao... hey man, when I last saw you, you were a babe in arms! And yet somehow, there you were at the smoker's table, looking like a young and skinny version of your dad. Jeeezus but the time flows so fast, now that we're all in 'the quickening'. Bring it on!

L&P 'the freak' xx

The Bush

On or about the 20th April, The Maniac played a secret warm-up gig at a little hostelry 'up the back of Dudley' known as The Bush. It's Dave's local, and we can often be seen in there drinking Hanson's mild with a Barley Wine in it!!!! [aka a pint of Wild]

It was nice to see Nutter there, and especially nice of Floyd to show up and donate to the cause. Jim and I were extremely grateful of the lift he gave us!

It was certainly an experience playing the Maniac material to a bunch of unsuspecting Black Country folk, who probably thought they would be hearing the usual string of boring covers. [No we don't play Mustang Fookin Sally] The reaction was varied and VERY positive.

Nige-piece and Mike [Essex] had their humour and music bones tickled at the same time, and the expression on the faces of the audience when we did our fast-normal-slooow weirdness at the tail of 'No man Is An Ireland' , was a wonder to behold.

Dave played 'Ask The Man' solo, and I actually thought I was gonna melt with that funny-tummy feeling when he started the outro section. I think that track really is one of the best things we've ever produced.

Whether or not 'The Management' proceed to offer us any more there, or whether the nature of the beast was just too confusing and scary, none of us are yet sure.
As always, we will just have to take a 'wait and see' approach. The set, and band for that matter, are still very much in development.

Another post soon.

L&P 'the freak' xx